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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coraline Contest Entry


Brian said...

Wow. Very nicely done.

I really like the touch of Sally and Jack walking in the BG.

Woolly Monster said...

Teehee, that's brilliant!
I love the idea that Isomer and Trevor go and watch films together (in what appears to be a perfectly normal cinema) on their days off :)

Ryan McCulloch said...

Hooray for T&I's long awaited return! The film looks great and was very funny, Bravo!!! Please post pictures of the set and production, because I'd love to see how this all was done. Fantastic!

R.S.Cole said...

Thanks! But this video will most likely be taken down and replaced with a higher quality copy. I'll also post a link to it when I post it up on Mytoons, it will look really great there!

Shelley Noble said...

Ron Cole is brilliant.

jriggity said...

Very cool man.

My favorite part is when Isomer does the magic hands!


rich johnson said...

i love how Coraline is watching them. haha. excellent!

Ken A. Priebe said...

Amazing Ron!
Love those puppets & animation...just incredible.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ all they need it to be wearing the Coraline sneakers, while talking about going to go see Bakshi's WIZARDS

wyrdverf blendo =
blend blends blend o

amoebaboy said...

fantastic stuff Ron, its the first time ive seen your control mech in action, and i am mightily impressed!
this is proper old school puppet manipulation but better and in miniature. when i first got into puppets and animatronics i used to muck about with simple cable operated actions , but nothing as complicated as this.
amazing work * takes off hat* :)

R.S.Cole said...

Thanks for the cheers! One of the reasons I always wanted to cable control animation puppets is because I had always assumed that it would be easier in some ways than with a live action puppet, and it is. With live puppets, you have a crew of puppeteers working individual parts of the face and doing lipsync is like conducting an orchestra. But in stop motion I have total control of every move and I can tweak the expressions and pronunciation of words being spoken with precision!

And these puppets need a tune up, He wasn't performing as well as he has in the past because the rubber eventually starts to wear out and that affects the movement.

This can't be the FIRST time you've seen them really? because I've had the trailer for my film posted on a number of sites including this blog for well over a year. If you'd like to see the whole movie (11min plus extras) you could contact me privately to order a copy. I can't sell it yet officially because I have it entered into festival that won't accept a film if it's for sale online or in stores. But I CAN make individual private sales.

Chris Tootell said...

This is really great stuff. Funny, and looks terrific.

Matt said...

Wow! That was amazing! The animation was so fluid. The amount of detail that went into the movements was incredible. Nice touch of humour too ;-)

R.S.Cole said...

Thanks Much! :)

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