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Monday, June 16, 2008

MOLI Interview Part 1

The link to this interview on MOLI has been broken since I wrote this blog but, I did get permission from MOLI to use the video and put it on the DVD of 'In the Fall of Gravity' and you can see it if you get a copy. The MOLI website left a message that said it was switching management but that was months ago and I'm starting to think that it's not coming back at all.
Here's a link to an interview that I did with a website called MOLI,
When you go there, for some reason they have the volume on the interviews set to mute as the default setting, look for the volume bar just below the viewing window and drag the bar up to the proper volume.

I pretty happy with the way this first installment came out, but I'm really much happier when the camera is pointed at my puppets, I think they are far more attractive and entertaining than I am. (They didn't talk much during the interview but, they wouldn't shut up after the camera man left!)


idragosani said...

Neat stuff! I'd like to see more of you using those levers and pullets in action!

Shelley Noble said...

Paul and I are blown away, Ron. Our jaws are dropped to the floor. What you've done is Phenomenal, PHENOMENAL! P H E N O M E N A L!!!!!!!!

[Head shaking in disbelief]

Can't wait for part 2 of the interview and of course the FILM! We will plonk down hot cash on this the split second you drop 'er.

Resuming regular life now with other mortals.

Nofby said...

Super interview my friend! I've responded over at SMA town, but I'll say it again. Unbelievable stuff! I really, really enjoyed this and I just can't wait for the finished film! This is like being a fish in a bowl, getting fed little fish nibbles every so often and then suddenly the whole packet is pured in and we all drown in excellence!!......

jriggity said...

Inspireing !


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