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Thursday, June 19, 2008

MOLI Interview Part 2

The link to this interview on MOLI has been broken since I wrote this blog but, I did get permission from MOLI to use the video and put it on the DVD of 'In the Fall of Gravity' and you can see it if you get a copy. The MOLI website left a message that said it was switching management but that was months ago and I'm starting to think that it's not coming back at all.

Well, the second half of the MOLI ROLLER interview is up and I'm VERY pleased with it! Mind you I had no say so in how it was edited and when the interview actually took place, it lasted for roughly and hour and a half so, they had lots of material to play with in editing and I had no clue what area of our conversation would be used in the final cut.

After seeing the second half earlier today, I was so happy with it that I tracked down the editor through Ryan McCulloch so I could send him a personal Thanks. Here's a link to Part II - In the Fall of Gravity... (remember to raise the volume on the viewer)


idragosani said...

I'm ever the more eager to see this film now!

-- Brett

Shelley Noble said...

More! More! More! Bold choices, daring challenges. You have triumphed. Congratulations, Ron.

jriggity said...

so very cool!

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