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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Truvia Ad Is Out!

A little over a month ago I got called to join the crew of stop motion animators shooting an ad for the product Truvia. (sugar substitute) There must've been about 10 animators working on the job because the whole ad needed to be shot in about 3 days! I was one of only two animators on the last day's shoot (David Bell was the other) which was an overnight shoot with each of us shooting on separate stages. On the days leading up to the shoot, I tried to stay up later and later to adjust my sleep schedule but, I never made it past 3am before falling over... so I was a bit worried about how I would hold up. But being on the stage with the responsibility of getting it right (as opposed to just trying to force myself to stay away for no reason) mad it far easier to pull off than I thought. The shoot went well and here's the result! My shot is the first one of the packets of Truvia in the add... Click HERE

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