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Friday, November 30, 2012

New Project - Faceless Neil

I'm currently working as a puppet fabricator on a very cool short film called 'Faceless Neil' by Noella Borie. The project is currently being privately funded and WILL be completed but, more funding would only result in an even better end product. So Noella has created a KICKSTARTER page in hopes of raising a much needed $6,500. I'll be making the puppet of 'Manny' (the serpentine looking guy) and may at some point be involved with other aspects of the making of the film. To have a look at all the work that's been accomplished for the film thus far and perhaps jump on board with a donation. (Please Please Please?) Click below to check it all out!...
I'm proud to announce that this Kickstarter campaign was MORE THAN SUCCESSFUL! The original goal was set at $6,500 and by the end of the campaign... OVER $10,000 HAD BEEN DONATED!!! Thank You! from everyone involved in the creation of this film and I'll be posting links and updates whenever I can. :)

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jriggity said...

super cool man!


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