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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In the Fall Of Gavity - The Film

At long last, my film is finished! I have submitted it to and have been accepted into one of the biggest film festivals in New York. The New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (NYIIFVF) They have not provided me with a date on which my film will be shown but, my film is definitely in the line-up.

I have discovered that being a player in the festivals can be an expensive undertaking and I have much to prepare with my very limited means. I need to prepare a 'press kit' and video to represent my film plus print up posters and other printed material that I will have a hard time affording to produce but, I will. The New York edition of the festival (there is an LA edition I will consider) will be happening from September 18th to the 25th 2008, if you can be here, Please come. You can find ticket and location info at the following site...

I do plan to enter into many more festivals but, I will be concentrating on this one exclusively first so, stay tuned for future updates.


Shelley Noble said...

So exciting, fantastic new, Ron. Best of luck with all of it and hearty congratulations on completing.

Be prepared for a most favorable response...

We all can't wait to see it!

idragosani said...

When can we pre-order teh DVD? hhehe

Coydog Blue said...

cannot tell you how wonderful this is, so very happy for you and CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE FULL FILM!!

Mysterious Ron said...

Well if it ain't Coydog Blue!! I'd recognize your Avatar anywheres :) Very good to see you here, I saw your blog as well - very nice stuff and it's good to see you back at the drawing board!

For those who know me from SMA, Coydog Blue is a friend of mine from way way way back in grammar school! We've been through many of life's twists and turns together for better or not so better.

More than friends, we are family... good to have you here Bren!

emmyymme said...

Thanks for the comments on youtube Ron! Congrats for getting into the festival - I can't wait until your film is out on DVD!

Nofby said...

Wow Ron!! Super news, I just wish I could be at a film festival over there to watch it. But it'll be a DVD for me. I really hope all your hard work and perseverance pays off. I'm very sure it will! You derserve it.

Woolly Monster said...

That's fantastic news Ron! Wish I could afford the airfare to New York to come and see it on the big screen :)

jriggity said...


you are a Few good steps ahead of me on this adventure....I cant wait to join you and pick your head for advice!

Definately enter it into some LA festivals so I can check it out too.

congrats again!!


Edwound Wisent said...

(^ who knows: in some instances, entrance fees have been waved:
(^ even paid by others.
(^ don't assume you are alone, ron.
(^ some might actually caugh up some do rey me just to get a special thanks in the the final credits.

(^ not ME, mind you: I'm beyond poor.
9^ but i've seen stranger things happen in the last 30 years.

sherry said...

ron..a big congrats to you, and of course to your supporting family.wish we could attend the festival and share this wonderful long time awaited occassion with, will just wait for the dvd too..enjoy the ya..sher

Mysterious Ron said...

Hey Sherry, You're gonna get me in trouble with my WIFE! You may be her sister but you're certainly not the only 'SHERRY' on this planet ya know!

Love Ya Back :)

Edgar said...

Hi Ron look forward in seeing your film at the Film Festival, It's grand to be in the spotlight, with a film with greta talent and skills well done. I was invited by a good friend of yours by the name Ann-Marie O'brien, she is a dear friend of mine as well, and I was very happy to be invited, and be part of your opening night. I look forward to meeting you, and seeing your film.

Anonymous said...

Well...I didn't miss this one! I am going to do everything possible to attend. It's the day after my birthday, so I'll have some pull.

This is wonderful, congratulations!

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