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Friday, December 21, 2007

Just for fun

When on occasion I decide (for sanity's sake) to take a break from the constant focus on my film, I tend to do stuff that ends up helping anyway. Like creating animated avatars, doctoring photos or things like going back to my STAR WARS fan roots and making something like these two tiny movie clips. Both utilize the same shot of a model dropped into different backgrounds.

I know, I know- these shots are far from perfection, I put a grand total of about an hours work into 'em
(ok, maybe 5 really). What I learned was that you can save movies with transparent backgrounds and use them as layers in Quicktime Pro and slap them into any image you want later. Nifty!

I will confess to having gotten all exited to see the first new shot of a real T.I.E. fighter in forever, Made me just want to make a whole new SW film. My kid and I did make one up, named the characters and everything
(puppets). Life just ain't got enough 'spare' time.


Tim G said...

It's interesting to see what an animating genius gets up to in his 'spare' time. I'm screech82 from the stopmotionanimation board, what sort of camera do you use on your ITFOG work and also to photograph that beautiful vista you painted at the bottom of your blog?

Mysterious Ron said...

Nothing special, a little Cybershot 5 megapixel still shot cam is all I got. I may replace the landscape image with a larger image, widthwise it's 21 feet of painting. In the image that's there you can't make out any of the detail on the castle.

I've read a lot of others complaining about flicker trouble from still cams but the only flicker problems I get are from my lights.

jriggity said...


Ha! cool stuff man....Ive done LOTS of fun stuff like this myself!

My kids Have fought CG monsters..
and Ive composited a few sci fi favorites in my day.

thanks for shareing.


Ryan McCulloch said...

Fun fun fun.

Shelley Noble said...

I just discovered you started blogging from the link over at Darkstrider's place. Cooooooool!

I'd need an other-worldly thesaurus in order to express in proper superlatives how astonishingly remarkable your work is, Ron.

It sounds as though your message is meaningful as well. Can't wait to see it. When can we buy a copy?

Mysterious Ron said...

I will be finished shooting within days if life doesn't stop getting in the way. I regret having accepted a paying job that was only supposed to last a day or two but, turned into a headache right in the middle of my shooting my last shot.

I know people will expect a 'behind the scenes' segment after the movie, plus extras so, I'll plan on doing that stuff too. So, I really can't tell you a release date for sure. But trust me, I'm more impatient at this point than anyone!

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